About the puzzle of the week competition:

Hello; welcome in! I will post a puzzle each week, hopefully sometime on Sunday. I will tell you about the puzzle and how to solve it (not every puzzle will be find mate or win material. Some might be helpmate or selfmate!) I am posting only the diagram so that you will (hopefully) not just look over the puzzle for the solution. I will give a hint half-way through the week to tell you what to go for (such as mate in 4) and to point you in a direction to follow. I will give the correct answer at the end of the week, and then I will give out the next puzzle. Just because someone posts about an answer somewhere does not necessarily mean they are right, they might give a flawed sequence or show a mating line that is not the shortest possible route. There are never two solutions so if you find three ways to mate in four, then it could be mate in three, two or even one move. Do not be fooled with the ease of the first problems, they get harder and harder with each week!

Rules if you chose competition (read very carefully):

  • The competition will last 10 weeks. Your goal will be to collect points in the manners described below. He (or she) with the most points at the end of 10 weeks will be the winner. 
  • I will collect points for correct answers. All you have to do is email me (you can use the below form) or private message me on chess.com and give me the correct sequence.
  • You can only send me one message a week, so make sure you got the answer right the first time (with enough extra lines to prove to me you know you are right). Do watch out for mate lines that are shorter than yours.
  • You will receive two points for an answer before I post the hint, and one if you get it right after the hint. I will keep track and give you all updates on who's leading. I will also send you a message back explaining how many points you have and if you got the answer correct. 
  • If you are the first to send me the answer, you will receive an extra point from what you would have originally gotten.
  • Answers which are extremely thorough and well written will be given an extra point, as well, REGARDLESS of if you are right or wrong!
  • If you are the first to get the answer correct, you are before the hint, and you give a thorough explanation of your answer, you will receive a maximum of 4 points. If you are not first, the maximum is 3.
  •  The winner will receive a FREE RasberryChess T-Shirt (If the logistics work out where you live, otherwise a prize of equal value will be sent), second place will have a team match named after him or her in our chess.com group (The Student and the Game), and thrid place will receive a vote chess game named after him or her! ...there maybe more prizes  depending on participation!
  • OK, I can not stop you from using a computer and cheating on these problems, but on a gentleman's...or lady's "cyber" handshake I will take your answers.
  • The goal of this is to make you think, you might find someone else posting the answer on the fourm and you copy theirs and send it to me. That is fine, but it will not get you better, and I will watch out for that and may fine you a few points for that.

 If you have any further questions ,just send me an email. 

Best of luck to all participants!

Puzzle for the Week of 8/13/18-8/19/18

You all did amazing in week two again! After three weeks, SpeedyChess has taken the sole lead with 11 points! He might be in the lead, but you can catch up!! For the answer to last week's puzzle, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the link to week 3's puzzle and all the previous ones. If you did not join in week one or two; you still have time to come back and catch our leaders!! There are going to be a total of ten weeks; and the winner will receive a FREE T-SHIRT!!! (barring any logistical issues; otherwise will receive an equally valued prize).

Puzzle #4

Black to Play

Helpmate in 2 (Black helps white mate him in two white moves [4 ply to be played])

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