If the brain stretches at the point of resistance, and we know that a brain once stretched never regains its original dimensions; why not try some resistance training? Instead of paying for chess lessons, paying to join a chess tournament, or paying to join a professional chess site, below you will find opportunities to get plugged into chess study with an expert chess player. Good luck! 

The Weekly Puzzle

"Chess is 99% tactics," say so many. That must mean it is important! Here is an opportunity to practice those tactics. You can compete against others to earn top spots and rewards or just try to solve the puzzles on your own for practice. 

Black to Move:

Positional Puzzle of the Week

What type of puzzle is a positional puzzle? This type is not one that has a necessarily forcing move, but it does have a (objectively) best move that is hard to find. The move helps with the overall goal of what the player is trying to accomplish, and will rarely be a tactical move. Strategic puzzles like these are hard, but they are another key component to getting better at this game we all love!

Vote Chess Match Vs. The Expert!

You don't think you can beat me head-to-head? Well why not improve your chances and team up with many other chess players of all levels to try and take me down in a game of group vote chess? 


Down for a Laugh?

We love having fun at RasberryChess, so that is why we bring to you some satirical chess comedy, through HORSING AROUND. Find all the latest breaking news from around the world of chess right here.