Puzzle for the Week of 7/22/18-7/28/18

You all did amazing in week one! Congrats to Nathan S. for leading the way with four points after round one. For the answer, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the link to week 1's puzzle. If you did not join in week one; you still have time to come back and catch our leaders!! There are going to be a total of ten weeks; and the winner will receive a FREE T-SHIRT!!! (barring any logistical issues; otherwise will receive an equally valued prize).

Puzzle #2

Alright, this next one is a bit of a brain stretcher! A beautiful puzzle that many computer engines cannot (or really...will not) solve. Can you end black's resistance in just two moves? 

Week 2.PNG

White to Play:

Mate in Two


Black is almost in zugzwang, so all white needs to do is wait, while also introducing a couple simple threats. 1.Rh1!! and no matter black's response, the game will be ended with correct play next move. For instance, Re3 allows Bh2#, and 1...Bg5 loses to 2.Qh2#

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