Team Vote Chess Against CM Jonathan Rasberry

What is Team Vote Chess?

Team vote chess is a grand opportunity for you to level up the effectiveness of your game play by joining a team of chess players of all levels. Who is your opponent? Me! All of your brains go against mine... Each player will get to read the comments left by others (probably best to listen to the highest rated players...but not always!) and think for themselves to decide which move they want to vote for. After the time limit of two days is up, the move with the most support is played, and the ball passes to my court. I will make my move, and we will keep it up until an outcome is decided. Good luck! 

How do I Join?

Step 1: Join! It is free, easy. Here is the link to join

Step 2: Join the team! The team playing is my group directly under, The Student and the Game. here is the link to join the team:

Step 3: Join the game! You can find it by searching the vote chess section of the group, or go directly there by clicking here:

Is there a rating limit?

There is no rating limit!! It doesn't matter how new you are to chess, join on in! Please feel free to give your suggestions to the group, and definitely listen to theirs. You will learn a lot, while also playing those quality moves by possibly suggested by your stronger teammates! Your vote will help bring victory closer for your team.

I like playing games! How can I get involved in more?

Once the size of our group grows, we will introduce move team vote chess matches, and team individual matches...That is, each player will get teamed up against another player from another team. If you win, its a point for your team, if you lose, its a point for the opposing team! The team with the most points wins! You can also play individual games with your new account through their website. More information on this to come.

For the Fight, Ready I am! Brave enough are you to fight me?