Greetings From RasberryChess!

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I am so excited to finally be bringing RasberryChess online! My goal with this website is to begin bringing my coaching content to the to you through an online blog and other posts. I will post about openings, middle games, end games, my games, YOUR games (see below!), and all the latest professional chess news. 

About Me:

What am I doing without giving you an introduction?? Well, my name is Jonathan Rasberry, I am currently a junior accounting major at Troy University, a chess "expert" with a current rating peak of 2130, and a four-year chess coach. While I go to school to study accounting, I have not lost my love for or interest in the chess world. I currently coach many top youths in Alabama chess, coach with a few groups including the 2017 state scholastic club champions, Madison City Chess League, work with the Alabama Chess Federation, and I host my own summer chess camps. As to my play, here are my top accomplishments:

  • Rating peak of 2130
  • 2016 Alabama Dual-Rated Chess Co-Champion
  • 2016 Falcon Chess Invitational Champion (Avg Rating of 2100+)
  • Denker Tournament of High School Champions: Alabama Nominee
  • 2015 Alabama State Scholastic Chess Champion
  • 2014 Alabama State Blitz Co-Champion
  • As of March 2018: 10+ Open Tournament Champion (since 2014)

What to Expect:

I LOVE teaching!! Most of the content I will be uploading will be on various chess instruction topics. I love the endgame, I teach middle game thinking techniques, and I enjoy posting puzzlers! You will find posts here, on, and occasionally I post videos to YouTube.  I also will need content FROM YOU! If you have a game you would like me to analyze, send it in, but send it in with detailed notations about what you were thinking about at each step of the game! If I have the time and need a topic to post on, I might just share your game with the chess world! If I cant, I will still try my best to reply with some feedback about your game to help you for the future. 

Finally, if you really, really want to get better, and feel like you need the guiding hand of an experienced coach please feel free to contact me! I coach individuals, groups, and I offer my services as a summer camp coach as well. 

I can't post even more soon! 

Jonathan Rasberry